Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My first android application is "Baby surprise"!
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You want know... what your child will look like? If you want Baby Surprise is the app for you.
Have you ever wondered, why is it that your friend can roll his tongue and you just can not seem to roll yours? Or have you been wondering how come you have freckles, but your best friend does not? Human genetics can answer this questions.
Human genetics describes the study of inheritance as it occurs in human beings. One of the most important principles that governs life is inheritance of genes. There are over 200 traits that are transmitted from generation to generation in humans. The most interesting traits gathered in the Baby Surprise app.
The trait that is expressed in case of two different alleles, gives rise to the dominant and recessive traits in humans. When a dominant allele is present, it is always observed that the dominant trait is expressed. The recessive trait is observed only in case there are two recessive alleles present.

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